about the exhibition

Creative group FOUR ARTS invites you to participate and showcase your paper works and paper ideas in the fourth annual exhibition of paper ideas POPIERUKAS 2013, that will be organized in Kaunas Photography gallery (Rotušės str.1/Vilniaus str.2) on May 24 – June 10. We want to encourage the movement of paper design, the search of unconventional, outstanding design, art solutions and ideas using paper as a warm and environment-friendly material.

terms and conditions of participation

The works proposed for the exhibition must be made from paper. It could be either functional projects (furniture, souvenirs, jewellery...) either works of art or even video, animations. Minimal details from other materials (constructive, structural elements) can be used.

Find your own non-traditional use of paper, use any type of paper, invent new paper types and techniques, recycle, reuse paper waste or useless off-cuts.

There is no qualification for age or nationality.


The projects (visualizations or photos) should be sent by e-mail – popierukas@fourarts.eu till April 15. Beyond visual information, a short description of the project must be included that explains it‘s idea, and also name, surname and contacts of the author.

The authors of evaluated projects will be informed by e-mail without undue delay.

POPIERUKAS is an art exhibition, it's not for sell, participating works will be send back to the author.

There is no entry fee, but exhibition shipment costs are covered by the participants.

legal arrangements

Submitted works must be original, can’t infringe copyrights and other intellectual property rights of the third persons. The participant must also be expressly aware of the fact that participating work belongs to the author but may be used by the organizer of the exhibition for the exhibition, news and promotional purposes without any entitlement to remuneration in all manners of use, without any time limitation.



the author of exhibition idea

Virgilijus Trakimavičius