POPIERUKAS - slang, diminutive word, meaning - small piece of paper.

About idea

Why paper?

Symbolically paper may be associated with intelligence and curiosity. Historically the development of the paper is based mainly on the flow of ideas and the dissemination of writing or drawing. Finally, because of a long and very meaningful its development formation in this century the paper is more than a tool to support the ideas set out: it becomes the object of thought, and takes the form of expression - a functional and / or poetic form of the work. Thus the paper overcomes language (letter) barrier and is able to transmit information like a dance or music – in a universal language.

Of course, all it is the consequence of understanding of human goals and values. Conscious or not, but the human desire to preserve the paper in the environment reflects its undying

value. And it is not surprising because we know that the historical context in terms of time points to exclusive "maturity” of this material. To compare the paper, overcome the way of several millennia, with more recent, though sometimes more popular material, would be equivalent to compare cognacs with optional to mature brandy. This collation helps to discern differences of taste, smell, color sensations. Sensations, if we are talking about paper, are also incredibly important, because they inspire emotions that help better to understand ourselves and the world. And each realizes it in his own way.

Thus, "let’s write" what we want to say, what is within us, what is important to us... Consequently there is the paper!

designer Brigita Strazdaitė